The following are comments from some of the people who have dived with us.

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Peter worked for me at Bob Soto's Diving Ltd. as a dive guide and instructor for 6 years. Peter was an outstanding boat guide and boat man and was a very hard working and conscientious employee. He had great relationships with the customers and later on formed his own dive company and has been very successful carrying on in the diving trade, giving excellent service to his customers. It was a pleasure having Peter in my employment and he was like a family member and to this day we have a wonderful relationship after 40 years. In the early 60's I started a campaign to preserve the Marine life and to establish Marine Parks for our future generations. Peter has taken up the mantel and continues as a great advocate for the conservation and protection of our reefs. Thanks Peter for your service!

Bob Soto M.B.E. Cert. Hon., Pioneer in Cayman diving, Cayman Islands.

Dear Peter, I note you are still going strong. When I dove with you years back in Grand Caymen you were already one of the top professional divers in that diving Mecca. You had a keen eye for marine animal behavior and were already a dedicated conservationist when the word, “Conservation” was a need just beginning to be recognized. We need all the help we can get. Keep up the fine work.

Stan Waterman, World Renowned Underwater Photographer, United States.

I met Peter in l977. He was the dive master on my first Caribbean deep water dive. I was ascending from Trinity Cave dive, when all of a sudden I felt someone grab my ankle and slowed my ascent. That was the beginning of our friendship and trust in our relationship.

Over the years I have dove with Peter many times. He has taught me many techniques in diving and I have trust in Peter and his dive operation.He has been responsible for having my three children, my son-in-law, and two grandchildren becoming certified scuba divers. I have recommended Peter’s operation to many divers who visit Grand Cayman. He makes diving safe, educational, and enjoyable.

Martin Torch, United States.

Dear Peter, I am proud to be called your friend. Ever since you guided my divers during my photo courses in the early 70s you have shown enthusiasm for the beauty and well being of the ocean. Through all of these years, you have continued to share your love and caring with your diving guests at Dive Cayman Ltd. I also admire you for your on-going political fights to protect the sea creatures who could certainly use more like you in their corner. Keep up the good work.

Cathy Church, Professional Underwater Photography Instructor, Cayman Islands.

Peter Milburn is one of Grand Cayman's most experienced and respected diving professionals. He is a warm, intelligent, vivacious man who loves to share his expansive knowledge of our reefs with his guests while keeping it safe and fun. He was already well established as the small group king in 1983 when I became an instructor at Cayman's giant operation... Bob Soto's Diving, (which has since gone out of business). I cannot sing enough praises for the advantages of diving with a small group and Peter. If I was still in the business I'd want to entertain the way he does it. Furthermore, his keen interest in preserving and restoring our natural environment deserves everyone's support. Enjoy!

Courtney Platt, Professional Photographer, Cayman Islands.
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