Peter's Crew

Peter Milburn 
As founder and owner of Peter Milburn's Dive Cayman Ltd., Peter's favourite part of the business for 30 years has been leading dives and showing divers the special features of Grand Cayman's awesome walls and reefs. He also takes care of bookings, billings, and the many other administrative details critical to a smooth operation.
Whenever he can find time from this busy schedule, Peter's passion for golf takes over. But even on dry land he finds a way to go diving: Peter has a standing contract to recover golf balls from the water traps of Cayman's golf courses! Peter is active and vocal in his commitment to preserving Cayman's marine ecology. He is also a legendary weather-eye among Cayman dive operators: when Peter moves his boats out of harm's way, it's no surprise to see bad weather follow. Click to find out more about one of Cayman's foremost dive professionals.
Adam Milburn 
Adam Milburn has been at home on the dive boats since he was not much taller than a dive tank himself. A certified diver since the age of 13, he is now a real pro at helping the customers and showing them what they might otherwise miss on the reef. Adam follows in his father Peter's footsteps when it comes to athletic pursuits, but his favorite dry-land sport is basketball.