Departure Locations

As the combination of weather and site conditions (neither of them within human control!) determines where we can give our customers the best dive on any given day, we prefer to confirm the departure point prior to the dive trip.
We provide transportation if you need it, but if you find it more convenient to drive your own vehicle, here are some directions to our departure points:
If we dive on the West Wall, we will depart from Seven Mile Beach. Please just make a quick call to find out which location, they vary due to weather conditions etc. Call: 916 0814
If we dive on the North Wall, the boat departs from the boat-ramp dock of the Cayman Islands Yacht Club. Drive along the Seven Mile Beach Road until you reach the Yacht Club sign, turn into the Yacht Club access road, and turn right at the first side-road. Follow the roadway lined with palm trees until you reach the marina, and park your car in the area beside the boat ramp; our boat will be at the dock in front of the ramp.
If we dive on the South Wall, the boat departs from the dock at Red Bay. Drive south towards town on Seven Mile Beach Road and continue to follow the road along the coast, past the harbour front in George Town, then past the Grand Old House Restaurant, and just keep going for several miles, passing many residences until you come to the point where the road runs right alongside the sea.  The Red Bay dock is just at the beginning of this section of road.
Night dives often depart from the boat-ramp dock on the harbour front in George Town, beside the Lobster Pot Restaurant or from Seven Mile Beach by request. Parking is available near Lobster Pot.