About DCL

We operate a 30 foot rigid hull inflatable custom-built dive boat which is trailerable so we are rarely ever restricted by weather conditions. It features bow and side ladders for easy, safe access and comfortably accommodates 6 divers for the most enjoyable and personalised dive experience.
If you are a serious diver who prefers the unhurried, intimate dive experience, come dive with those who do it best, Peter Milburn's Dive Cayman Ltd. 
As one of Cayman's true "originals" in the diving world, Peter unquestionably has more experience in Cayman waters than anyone else.  He has an outstanding record of safety and as an expert in marine ecology, is an outstanding guide with whom to explore the wonders of Cayman's underwater environment.

How did Peter begin his career as an Instructor/Dive Master?

Well, he actually lived the Monday-morning fantasy that so many of us share. As a young bank clerk who spent every weekend on the water, Peter came to work one Monday with his customary sunburn. Chafing under his starched shirt and tie, he took one look at the desk awaiting him and another at the glorious morning outside. Half an hour later, his resignation letter was on his boss's desk, and he strode out into freedom. He has never looked back!